Templar refers to multiple things,

for the Order Templar see Order of Templar

The Templars are an ancient order of Elite Knights of Nobility tasked with the eradication of the Magus. Templars (also known as the Mage Slayer) is gifted with Magic’s bestowed upon them through rigorous Prayer and Training similar to that of the Paladin, but their magic focuses on Debilitating the enemy and Dismissing Magical effects rather than Healing and Augmenting. Templars are proficient with Swords, Polearms, Hammers, and Heavy Armor. In the time when the Templars were established, Magus were considered Witches and Heretics using magic to control the the world, and therefore many were killed in the Crusades. Since then the Templars were disbanded and there knowledge was long lost except to underground sects. The teachings of the Templars continued, hidden in secrecy where only the most elite are accepted into this dark fraternity.

Unlike Paladins, Templars work as an army and not individual warriors. A Templar does not accept feudal vows or Contracts, instead live in the Monestaries and forfeit all their property. Templars are more chaotic than  paladins, but share similar religious views. Though thier objective is still to eradicate Mage kind, only the truly devout kill Magus innocent or guilty.



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Born of Sowrd

Knights Grace


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Monkey grip


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