Paladin can mean multiple things

For the Paladin rank see Paladin

Paladin also known as Pal, PAL, or PALI is a well balanced class that combines Divinity and Combat.

The Paldin is a Stock Class, and the only Magical class in the Tank Catgory. They are Holy warriors that specialize in vanquishing evil, even at the cost of thier lives.


The key word for Paladins is TEAMWORK. Paladins are the ultimate team player and make great leaders. They are quick to give orders, but have no problem following them. Paladins choose to work in teams as they can be both a Tank and a Support Character. Paladins Spells range from self and team Buffs, as well as spells that heal the pary, and protect them from evil.

Class SkillsEdit

Combat Casting

Aura of Good

Detect Evil

Divine Grace




Divine Favor

Remove Disease

Shield Proficiency


Divine SpellsEdit

The Anti PaladinEdit

Dragoons, also known as Lancers are considered to be the Anti-Paladin.

Dragoons are Paladins that fell from grace, losing all thier divine powers, but gaining something entirely different, The power of sin. Dragoons cannot use Divine abilities like the Paladin, but can weild the power of darkness and pain to defeat thier foes. Using Divine powers hurt the dragoon, yet this pain can absolve them in time, returning them to thier once holy state.

Prestige ClassesEdit

Notable PaladinsEdit