The Gunslinger is one of the 12 Stock Classes, focusing on ranged attacks rather than melee. They are the easiest class to contol as thier attacks are the most accurate of the 12.


The Gunslinger is one of the Support Classes, but it is common for a person to play as the "Lone Wolf" and form a solo class or be the leader thier own small party. They focus on taking out thier opponent from afar before they can get to the Gunslinger to do damage. As stated before they are incredibly accurate, most Gunslingers have used the same weapon during thier time as a gunner and have a certain loyalty to thier weapon. Higher leveled Gunslingers gain a skill called Gunbound, a skill similar to the Shield Other skill, in where the user has complete and total control over their gun. They are even able to call the gun to thier hands without any Arcane or Psionic ability. The gun has become one with its user and vise-versa.

The key word for gunslingers is MOBILITY. Being a weaker class in terms of Combat, the Gunslinger must remain mobile if they are to survive. If they are caught or surrounded there is not much they can do, though thier Luck score may affect the chances of survival greatly.

Gunslingers usually work alone, thier Gun is the only ally they need, but it is normal for these characters to gravitate toward a stronger class like the Soldier for backup. They will reluctanlty be the sidekick but act as the hero even if they are not. They will often steal kills or race to enemies to prove thier skill even if they are at a low level, though they understand when it is time to fall back, thier life is the most important thing to these character types, followed by money.


Class FeaturesEdit

Uncanny dodge

Shot in the dark

Dead Aim

Point Blank Shot




Quick Reload

Hide in Plain Sight

Prestige ClassesEdit

The Lone WolfEdit

Notable GunslingersEdit