the F.E.D is a military Police force in the Spacer System. It is currently owned and Funded by the Largos. F.E.D stands for Federation Elected Deputy, an honor given to Soldiers who have achieved the rank of Paladin, the lowest rank in the FED. FED officers have clearance on all 9 planets in the system but most are based solely on Credo. There are only a few permitted off the planet, these are known as Captains. These Captains are given thier own Vessel to use to extract justice in the system, sometimes even as a special task force sent to infiltrate planets to gain information, or kill the leader of an opposing faction before war can start, as done in the first War. There is only one main base fo training for the F.E.D and only a select few actually stay with them (Most people view the F.E.D as a corrupt, soulless group of hostage takers.) Among the few that survive and make it to the Captain rank highly recommend the FED and will stand by it no matter the cost, even thier lives. The FED are also responsible for the funding of the 2 Super Soldier Programs, though Higher-ups deny any involvement.


  • Paladin
  • Sentinel

Known F.E.D officersEdit