Excella Cross is one of the main Antagonists in the Only One. He is the personal secretary and advisor of Hauzer Larissen.

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Excella is a Phriea, and on his planet most of the hybrid races are not allowed to come in contact with the humanoid races; Larissen's especially because of their voratious appetite. Excella, even in his youth showed no fear as he ran away from home to bring back the head of one of these creatures, only to be swarmed by dozens of them. Hauzer, thier leader at the time, was amazed at the boys will, even in circumatsnces that would surely be fatal, and spared his life. He stayed with Hauzer for years and eventually became like one of the Larissen, vicious and cruel. Once Hauzer left Phriea to become a diplomat, Excella joined him becoming his personal assistant.

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