Adelheid Twisits is one of the main characters in The Only One. He is the first introduced of the Twisits Monks.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Adelheid, like many of the Twisits monks is gifted in unarmed combat, but unlike his peers; Adelheid is not in any way humble. He often seeks out meaningless battles and skirmishes to prove his strength, sometimes resulting in him getting badly hurt; Though he never gives up. He is constantly bragging, and baosting about his past battles which make him the most annoying character in the series. He is always the first to draw blood as well as the first to rush into battle.

Fighting StyleEdit

Though he may have a bruised ego, Adelheid is extremely talented, as he has been tarined in all 8 Martial arts rather that specializing in one, which makes him a very unpredictable and adaptible warrior. His


He wears only robes and wraps, but hidden underneath these hand wraps are a specially desighned punching mechanism nicknamed the "Monk Punch"


No matter what situation Adeleid is in he always seems to lose or even die. In the end of the first half of The Only One, He is killed accidently by the Spectres poison darts. In an alterverse comic Justice VS. he is killed when the emperor destroys the A1. Even in the Fable universe in DK Knights, he is killed in the great war